How Much Money Does an NBA Finals Game Generate?

getting rich

Basketball players are guaranteed to cash in millions in the event that their team takes the cup in the NBA Championships at the finals. The final bonus that is up for grabs at the finals is a handsome pay. Endorsement earnings and future salaries are the cash cows after their win.

How about knowing how much the bonus money is? A player pay pool is set aside by the NBA each year. The pool has about $13 million in 2017. This money is distributed to different NBA teams with each getting a stipulated amount as per their team’s performance. The team will split into players and the money divided. $8 million is the most amount of cash in form of bonuses that any team could get. Some players in the NBA make over $20 million each year. Each player scoops between $25,000 and $1.5 million.

The intangibles

Final winners of the NBA get endorsement and a future salary of an estimate of between 30 to 50% each year. This is about $200000 to $12 million each year but this greatly depends on the player. But with this handsome pay who wouldn’t have a fat bank account?

Performance-based awards

The best NBA record takes up about $790,106

Best in Conference $691,344

2nd Best in Conference $555,669

3rd Best in Conference $414,805

4th Best in Conference $325,991

5th Best in Conference $271,635

6th Best in Conference $185,272

1st Round Bonus $408,839

Conference Semifinals Bonus $486,463

Conference Finals Bonus $803,874

Lose NBA Finals $3,214,636

Win NBA Finals $4,851,365

Total NBA Championship $13,000,000

As the no of people increased ratings of these channels just skyrocketed in a couple of years that created a computation among television channels and a fight for broadcasting rights. “Broadcasting rights” means that a specific channel would provide exclusive coverage of a specific match or a tournament. NBA signed a contract with DUMONT during 1953-54 which was the first national broadcaster.

Later on it went to NBC to Hughes Television Network and most recently in 2014 with Espn, ABC along with turner sports for nine years at the highest rates of 24 billion dollars starting from 2016-2017 to 2024-2025. The viewership of these channels went up like crazy as the data shows that nearly 3.27M on ABC, 1.54 on TNT and 1.57M on ESPN watched 2016-17 season.

As of all the sports the final is always a big deals for fans because it is the best vs the best and also do and die game for the teams so a crunch match is hoped which is what the fans want, for the players not because its their profession but also to make a handsome amount of money as the winning prize of NBA final as the winning trophy alone has a value of $13,500 players can make additional millions when they wins a NBA Finals Championship. There are unquestionably millions in Finals reward cash up for gets. The greatest additional compensation however comes as far as future pay and support income, for broadcasters because of obvious reasons and yes also for the crooks as it is the biggest stage for them.

Is the product even legitimate?

These crooks goes beyond the way to make money like fixing, buying players and sometimes match officials too. Nearly after every final the news of final being rigged circulates but the fuss created by Tom Brady took all by surprise. This mess created after a controversial call by the referee at the end of 2018 NBA final and a statement by Tom Brady began to get social media attention in which he might have said “The finals might be rigged or ref are taking bribes” though that is still not clear whether he said it or not or it being true or false but it was a big talking point.

The last match that had been “fixed” was when the Lakers beat the Kings thoroughly. So what about the people going to watch finals live yeah that would also cost much like in 2017 NBA finals game 1 the get-in price alone was $522 and its average resale price was approximately $1357. And just kept on increasing that its game 7 price is gonna fly you away the get-in price was $1090 and avg. resale price was 1662 USD.